Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Effigy Hung From Ore. Campus Tree

Obama Effigy Hung From Ore. Campus Tree

Administrators at an Oregon college are trying to get to the bottom of who hung a cardboard effigy of Barack Obama from a campus tree Tuesday. The incident at George Fox University appeared to be in protest of a scholarship program geared toward minorities.

A George Fox University employee discovered the life-size cutout of the Democratic presidential candidate hanging from a campus tree with a fishing line around its neck. Posted on the cardboard effigy was a sign that read "Act Six Reject." Act Six is a program that promotes campus diversity and urban leadership. It annually awards full scholarships to up to 10 students most of whom -- but not all -- are minorities.
Robin Baker, the school's president, said he was "shocked, dismayed and disturbed" by the incident.
"I'm upset because it's an assault to kids I love, and I'm upset because it's an attack on the very commitment I have, to try to build a place that will truly educate students in a way that will help them see the world differently," he said.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gold medal

Carol Huynh

Wrestler Carol Huynh of Hazelton, B.C., has won Canada's first gold medal of the Beijing Olympics.
The 27-year-old captured gold on Day 8 of the Games in the 48-kilogram freestyle weight class over Japan's Chiharu Icho by a score of 4-0 and 2-1.