Wednesday, July 23, 2008

port out

this hospital is 3 years new at

I take the port out today cost $4,581.60
Mammograms cost $360 each year
Xray CT Scan cost $11,011.88 each time 3 months Scan one time
Chemo and 3 time blood count cost $640 each chemo taked 6 time chemo

after check in they give you one pager like that to call you when they need to talk to you something

New Shopping center

That new Shopping center just cross street from Park plaza mall, and the old University mall already tore down and maybe rebuild new one
no interesting, maybe nerver come back again


home grow too much cucumber
your mom go mammogram this time anything is ok good, no films and reports anymore, all in one CD take to Dr. Dana Abraham let her looked
This is St. Vincent Breast Center