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Mariana BrididaCosta

Jan 25,2009 dead by heartbeat at Dorio Silva Hospital in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo said Friday
She placed sixth in the Miss Bikini International competition in China last year and took first place for the "Best in Swimsuit" category. In 2007 and 2008, she came fourth in the contest to become Brazil's entrant for the Miss World pageant.

flying car

Terrafugia is a private company based in Woburn, Massachusetts that is developing The Transition, a roadable aircraft that the company describes as a "Personal Air Vehicle". The aircraft is designed to change configurations, enabling it to operate as a traditional road vehicle and as a general aviation airplane.
The roadable aircraft plans to incorporate new technology such as automated folding wings. The aero-auto hybrid will be designed to be capable of landing at an airport and then folding the wings in and becoming a roadable vehicle.
The Transition "Personal Air Vehicle" is expected to be released in late 2009 with an operational prototype expected in 2008. The estimated purchase price is $198,000. Owners will drive the car from their garage to an airport where they will then be able to fly within a range of 100 to 500 miles. It will carry two people plus luggage and will operate on a single tank of regular unleaded gas.
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